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We have some Katin seeds from Thailand that we successfully grew indoors.
We planted 3 outside but they have not faired well as it is too cold.
We still have one indoors in the conservatory.
Do you think we will be able to plant outside in the summer? Or do you think it is only going to be grown indoors.
I will add a photo of a successful plant which produces beans that can be eaten when they mature.
You also get these type of trees in Portugal & Lanzarote.

Any advice on growing it successfully in the UK would be really appreciated.




It grows like a weed, here--literally--but it still occasionally gets frost damage. I suspect that it will remain a conservatory or greenhouse plant in the UK. I would give it as much heat and sun as possible.

26 Apr, 2016


Thank you Tugbrethil for your answer. The one indoors was initially outside but I brought it back in after repotting and it is starting to improve. Will keep it inside. The wife is from Thailand and eats the beans they produce, she is hoping that they can be grown here.

26 Apr, 2016

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