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By Cazoo1

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Last year I tried to create a bog garden in a pot. Followed all instructions to the letter. I was hoping for a better result than the moment they look very sorry for them selves please what can I do to cheer them up?? They are in a sunny / sheltered spot and the compost is quite damp.

Arum_lily Looking_very_sad



What are the plants?

26 Apr, 2016


In a natural bog there is water movement throught the soil which moves nutrients and oxygen along with it. The difficulty with creating a small 'bog in a pot' (I like that phrase) is that the soil is stagnent and the plants will not like it.

26 Apr, 2016


and as it is mid april with snow and hail they seem to be doing well to be 'up'.

26 Apr, 2016


I assume that they are Arum Lilies/Zantedeschia which grow just about anywhere here, but we are on clay soil so probably keeps damp anyway (except when it bakes rock hard in the summer!). I have some of these growing in various positions and a couple actually in the pond, as pond plants on a shelf. All have survived several winters and I now have lots of young plants to put out. If that is what they are, perhaps just growing them in a really loose muddy mix might work.

26 Apr, 2016


Sorry should never assume..yes the are Arum Lilies. So disappointed at the moment...they were quite expensive when I bought them last year.

27 Apr, 2016


If you mean Zantedeschia when you say arum (and I think you do, because what's there doesn't really look like Arum maculatum or italicum), I'd take them out of the pot and put them in an ordinary pot, one that's big enough to take whatever roots are there, with drainage, and keep watered. They'll be fine, don't need to be in water or in a bog, just damp soil will do. Assuming you bought Zantedeschia aethopica 'Crowborough', the white hardy version that is, not one of the coloured hybrids, those are largely frost sensitive and there's gonna be a frost tonight... so they'd be best off being shifted when its a bit warmer, though they will grow in an ordinary pot just like the hardy version.

27 Apr, 2016

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