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Hi can anyone give me any advice on my yucca repotted end January and everything has been ok up until the week or so, I used clover multi purpose soil with a wetting agent, the planting is three individual stems the tallest stem I had, so I got two smaller plants it's these two smaller plants that are turning yellow, I have been putting it under the shower for a Minute or two when watering at room temperature once a month I have put a picture up of it in situ as it is near a fire and also a door across from a window as you can see by the picture any help would be great, Should have stated I have put it outside today to get a better picture it is a house plant!

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I've only ever grown them outdoors, but (after doing a google search just now) I reckon it's not getting enough light, and the environment is too warm.

27 Apr, 2016


I was wondering about the heat Rosie the Mrs has the central heating on quite a lot, but wouldn't they all be yellowing and not just two of them? the room looks dark in the picture but it is quite light that was the only picture I had of it in situ.

27 Apr, 2016


With my limited knowledge of Yuccas, I'd say they've been overwatered. They don't like a lot.

27 Apr, 2016


Yes, a multipurpose potting compost isn't drained well enough. I would use something a lot grittier. In the States, we call it cactus mix, but I don't know what it would be called in the UK.

29 Apr, 2016

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