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What is happening to our palms? Thank you

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Damage from something - winter, insects, high winds shredding the leaves, that sort of thing, but the growing tip is fine, showing healthy new growth. You might want to check all leaves and stems thoroughly for signs of invaders such as scale insect or other insects. Clip off severely damaged leaves and pot up into something a little bigger (if the roots are very, very crowded) or plant out.

28 Apr, 2016


Looks like it needs to be placed in a bigger container. The container you have it in has the appearance of the one you purchased it in, if so, this plant is root bound. It would be helpful to state your growing zone too. Thank You.

28 Apr, 2016


Something--probably a caterpillar--definitely chewing on it, Alenam. If you want to know what it is, go out at night with a flashlight, and search carefully under the leaves. The damage is etxensive enough that the culprit may have already grown up and left, though. Just in case, you may want to spray it with a product containing spinosad, which kills chewing insects, but is non-toxic to people, pets, and wildlife. A light feeding will help it to replace the leaves it lost, too. As Loosestrife says, a new pot would also help, but only after it has a chance to recover some.

29 Apr, 2016

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