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Hi. I have just bought a small plant from a supermarket which should grow into a grape vine. It has a bud and looks healthy, but I am not sure how to look after it. I live in the midlands in Coventry, quite good soil I think underlying clay.



do you know which vine variety it is? I ask as some prefer to be under glass and others will quite happily go outside all the time.
it will some support to climb up, an arch or pergola but they will need to be sturdy or trained on wires on a brick wall. once planted water well and don't prune until it is winter dormant. water it regularly so it has a chance to establish. in its first year I wouldn't expect it to flower but if it does I'd remove the flowers so it uses all its energy for growth not fruits. it will be a better plant next year as a consequence.

welcome to goy too :o)

29 Apr, 2016

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