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By Lizpete

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i have just purchased peony seeds from china how do they get started off



Plant the seeds in ordinary potting compost - I put mine individually in 9 cm pots. Water them in,then leave them somewhere outside but protected from mice/squirrels etc. They often don't sprout until the second year in the pot. Once they do sprout, they will need potting on into a larger pot before planting out when they are big enough. They do grow quickly once they have started. Patience is the keyword!

28 Apr, 2016


I agree with Landgirl. They take a long time to sprout and just when you are about to give up they appear.

28 Apr, 2016


Agree with Landgirl100

28 Apr, 2016


thank you for your help. i will pot up on the weekend speak to you in 2 years time.

29 Apr, 2016


lol! While you're waiting, why not go to the garden center and get some dahlia tubers. They are comparatively inexpensive, bloom all summer and so many new varieties this year - some look just like peonies. That's what I did yesterday.

29 Apr, 2016

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