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I want lots of blousy colourful begonias to bloom for a long time. Which are best and when to plant out.



Now is the time to get your begonias. You can get potted plants or the tubers and start your own. The tubers are the better deal - cheaper! I was at the garden center yesterday and they are really pushing their stock - that means bargains! Which are the best ones to get? That depends on your personal taste & preference - trailing, upright, singles, doubles, etc. All different colors, etc. Here is where I go. Go to the "Plant Finder" tool, type in 'Begonias' to see all the different choices.

29 Apr, 2016


You might try any of the fire begonias such as the " Bonfire" or the " Crackling Fire" or the "Nonstop Fire"

29 Apr, 2016


Any of them! Choose the ones that appeal to you, they are all spectacular and long flowering. But they are slow to start from the corms so you might be better buying plants if you can afford them. If you are planning to put them in the ground though avoid the lax ones bred for hanging baskets.

29 Apr, 2016


" Blousy", there was a gardener in the UK who used that adjective quite often on his gardening TV shows...can't remember his name though. No matter, the word just gave me a recollection of that.

1 May, 2016


In UK its spelled blowsy, and it refers originally to an untidy red faced woman.....

1 May, 2016


Thanks Stera. In my life, I have never heard the the word used before until I viewed that UK garden show. But I suspect that Kmorton has a strong UK connection not only for the use of that word but also K (who hails from the USA) spelled colorful as coloUrful as one would from the UK. Though, I have found myself using...whilst...recently:)

1 May, 2016


Its not a word that's used much these days here L, and I guess it would be unfamiliar to many of our younger folk.

Being a word lover I was inspired to look up Colour. The Latin was color but the French added the u, colour, and the English derived through the Old French as so many other words did, presumably when French was the language spoken at court after the Norman conquest. I guess the American usage dropped the u when so many other English spellings were simplified.

I wonder whether the French spelling was as it is because the Latin spoken with a regional accent made it sound as though it had a u in it? Fascinating stuff...

Not much of a connection (there's another one!) with begonias but not to worry.

1 May, 2016


Very interesting Stera.

2 May, 2016


Yesterday I got some blousy/blowsy tuberous begonias for my patio display. Stera is right - they are spectacular plants. I have an upright red & yellow Nonstop variety. Thank you for the suggestion.

4 May, 2016

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