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Hi everyone - lawn problems

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Hi everyone. I've got a problem with my lawn as the pictures show. There is more dead grass than living grass!! What's the solution. Is it too soon to scarify to remove the dead grass? What's causing this?


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Pull up a layer. Does the root system look healthy with no insect pests evident? If so there might be a fungal problem that attacks the blades. Did you over fertilize? Did you use too much weed and feed? Did you set the mower too low or mow too frequently? There might have been a weather problem. What size area does your lawn cover? Is it hundreds of square feet or thousands of square feet? Is this a well and long established lawn or a newly laid down lawn with seed or turf? If seed, did you over do it? Tough to tell by two pictures. It might be advisable to contact a lawn care specialist for a direct evaluation and a proper solution. This way money might be spent but no time will be waisted.

30 Apr, 2016


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah roots seem healthy. i fertilised 3 times between spring and summer. Is this too much? Don't think the mower is too low and I only mow when it's needed. Lawn is 60m x 15m and was sowed out 4 years ago.

Should I lightly scarify?

30 Apr, 2016


I would say that you need to spike the area. Then possibly scarify.

30 Apr, 2016


Thanks. I'll spike the whole lawn.

What causes the dead grass?

30 Apr, 2016


If the roots are healthy and you see no insects(grubs, etc.) then the grass is not dead but the grass blades are being damaged most likely by fungus. The main thing to prevent this and to get your grass to recover is to try apply a live in the UK so you will have to determine what product is available to you.....and then depending on your locale (sometimes sharp temp rises and dips can cause this problem too) and weather conditions! make sure your lawn gets watered regularly. Infrequent or inadequate watering can cause of fungus in grass. My best regards to you and good luck.

1 May, 2016


Fed three times from when to when, Gerrad? I would have expected there to have been just barely time to have fed it once since the grass started greening, there in the UK.

1 May, 2016


I will lift another few sods later today and post the pictures of the root system. Hopefully you pro's can tell me if they look like they should.

I defiantly don't think it's lack of water. I'm in Northern Ireland Co Down and we have had a very wet autumn and winter.

1 May, 2016


Ok folks. Added a few more photos. Soil and roots seem good to me with no sign of grubs etc.

It is quite compact so I think I with folk the lawn and scarify.

1 May, 2016


Hi, welcome to GoY, I think it's too much water{rain} too much fertilizer, too much and fertilizer can act like a weedkiller, rake off the dead grass, scarify if you have any moss, spike the lawn, and leave it alone, should be fine when it dries out a bit, Derek.

1 May, 2016

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