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we have a large summerhouse at the end of our garden.Our neighbours garden backs onto ours and they had a well established hedge that screened us and gave us plenty of privacy.Lasy week the neighbours cut the hedges right down and now we are completely over looked.I was devastated!I need some help in deciding what to hedge to buy and whether they would fit in the dark gap behind our summerhouse.The gap is only minimal. Would love some tree spanning style photinia but fear the gap between our boundary and the summerhouse,it would be too narrow to plant.Could we baton some posts to the back of the summerhouse and assemble a trellis on top of it and grow a fast growing vine or evergreen to screen us again? please could you advise me?



Hi there.

If the gap is minimal and the area is dark, then hedging isn't an option as it simply won't grow.

Attaching a trellis to the back of the summerhouse will also be a problem, as most climbers also need light and rainfall.

Also, if your neighbour has hacked down their hedge to get light into the area (is this the case?), they won't thank you for erecting a tall screen alongside their boundary and blocking off the light again.

If I were you, I would have a chat with the neighbour, to avoid any planning or boundary issues which could arise, and also call in some local landscapers to see if they have any useful (and legal) suggestions. A lot of landscapers have no clue regarding what can and can't be legally done, so do bear that in mind if you invite some in to take a peek!

Personally, based on the info you've provided, I think you may have to bite the bullet and move the summerhouse so that you can plant a suitable hedge.

30 Apr, 2016


Are you wanting screening just behind the summerhouse or the whole length of the end of the garden? Could you include a photo with your question?

30 Apr, 2016

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