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I have got a vegetable plot about 120sq m. It has been abandoned for a couple of years and became overgrown with weeds. I dug the weeds out and planted as normal last year, but there were so many weeds I had very poor results. This year I decided to grow nothing and concentrate on digging out all the weeds. I want to start growing vegetables again next year.
I have checked the acidity and it needs some lime. It also will need some manure. I have until next year to sort it out. What I want to know is when should I dig in the lime, when should I add manure. I once planted rye grass as a green manure. Should I also do that?



I wouldn't add any manure etc until you have all the weeds out. or you are just feeding them.
once dug over keep hoeing the annual weeds that will undoubtedly germinate. you can also cover with black plastic/old carpet to help minimise weed growth.

as for liming I suspect that would be late autumn/early spring but not sure. see what anyone else suggests.

1 May, 2016


Keep your liming well separated from your manuring. I would manure in autumn and lime in spring but remember some crops like more lime than others (eg brassicas) One old allotment holder taught me to actually dip young brassica plants into lime when transplanting.

There are several green manure crops that would be easier to dig in than rye grass - have a look at your seed supplier for green manure seeds. Alfalfa and clover are often used. Clover will add nitrogen to the soil but don't let it flower or you will have loads coming up as weeds. It would be better to sow a green manure than to leave the ground empty for months, even if you only manage to do part of it.

1 May, 2016


Many thanks for the answers. That is very helpful.
Does anyone happen to know someone that would deliver manure at sensible prices to Bideford, North Devon?

2 May, 2016


You can often get it free from riding stables but very often have to bag it and collect it---or ask a local farmer.

2 May, 2016

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