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What are white/clear sugar like round granules on a newly bought grape vine also clear shoot nearby about 2-3mm long. Grape is Vitis Vinifera Phoenix. Says for outside had a week inside. Will put outside when snow subsides.




They are most likely eggs of a grapevine pest. Place it in a plastic bag and take it to where you bought it and get your money back. In any case get it off your property, pronto!

1 May, 2016


Thank you

1 May, 2016


the clear drops on the underside of the leaf looks like exudate. which is just water condensing out side the stem from normal gas exchange openings on the underside of the leaf.
the exudate is sap so there will be sugars present in it which is which it becomes crystalline. It is nothing to worry about. having said that ants enjoy it.

mine used to do this more in the spring as root pressure forces sap up the stem.

1 May, 2016


Hold that grapevine! Seaburngirl is right on! I enlarged the photo and noticed that these round granular drops are only located on the stems and veins. Most insects would not be that precise. Sorry:(

1 May, 2016


Sometimes they are also a symptom of too much potassium fertilizer, but rarely to the point of serious damage.

2 May, 2016

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