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Hi all, Propagation of pelargoniums
not sure if I`ve heard it or read somewhere that to take cuttings of pelargoniums that they should be left to dry at the stem before potting up. Any one here know the best way to take said cuttings?



Never heard of that before, its usual to insert the cuttings immediately in seed and cutting compost. They're usually taken in late summer or autumn rather than now, but if you have enough plant material to do cuttings, you can do it now anyway, though it may be a while before they get to a decent size, instructions in the link below

1 May, 2016


now that is interesting bamboo. I was told by an elderly man 50 yrs ago that when he was an apprentice gardener in the 1910's to do the following.
take cutting in the evening. prepare them and leave them on the bench until the morning. then pot in damp compost. I have always done it this way and I get a very good 90%+ success rate. The stems 'heal' over encouraging callus material that then develops into new roots etc.

some people pop cuttings in water until they form roots. I have never found this particularly successful though.

1 May, 2016


Thanks Bamboo and Sbg, seems good info, think this will turn into a little experiment, I know it`s a little early but the plants are looking very straggely, so I was thinking newer plants may grow into the bushy form of their parents, which by the way are in flower now, so not sure if they will bush up as they were a bit sparse last year
once again thanks to you both

1 May, 2016


Well that is interesting Seaburngirl - certainly, putting them in potting compost also requires formation of a callus before roots start growing, so maybe it speeds the process up, Kev Rowley.

If your plants are from last year, you'd be best off just cutting them back hard to promote fresh new growth rather than trying to get cuttings and leaving them as they are. You could use what you cut off as cuttings anyway, but cutting them back hard will encourage much more bushiness, and they'll flower quicker than the cuttings you take will.

1 May, 2016


I used to let cuttings dry for a little while as they are semi succulent and that's what you do with cactus cuttings, but haven't done it recently. Looking back I think there were fewer failures when I did let them dry.

1 May, 2016


will cut back, and see what happens, they seem quite reluctant to re-shoot lower on stems. they are four years old
cheers Kev

3 May, 2016

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