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Hi, can I put my acre tree in the ground ? I live in West Sussex and the soil can be alkaline.



Do you mean Acer, yes you can, give it a good start dig a decent hole, and add some decent well rotted compost, they do better if they are planted in a light shade situation, I assume your Acer is is pot bound if so try and tease some of the roots out so it can get going.

1 May, 2016


Hi there. If it's a Japanese acer, then the answer is no, I'm afraid. Japanese acers need acidic soil.

1 May, 2016



Do you have any growing in the area where you live is the best clue ? if not do a soil test , saying that they do well in a pot .

Alkaline soil some can tolerate it but depends on the severity and the variety as some varieties do come from area's that are alkaline, thats when is best speaking to a specialist nursery.

But as long as it doesn't get water logged and out of the wind gives it a good start in life and worth a go in my opinion ....


1 May, 2016


If you are worried about soil acidity try digging a very large planting hole and tip in a large bag of ericaceous compost, which should keep it OK for a few years. After that give it a couple of ericaceous fees over the summer.

1 May, 2016


Acers don't NEED acid soil, they just do better in it. The main thing is shelter from wind . . . mine are in alkaline/neutral soil, and benefit from a feed of Sequestrine every now and then.

Btw, welcome to GoY!

2 May, 2016


Agree with sheila bub - some acers are unfussy about soil ph, but the Japanese Acers do not like lime, so rather than having to be in acid conditions, a neutral soil ph is okay.

3 May, 2016

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