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A couple of years ago I bought a Rheum because I thought the leaves looked stunning. Unfortunately as soon as they appear something starts to eat them - I hope you can see in the photograph. I sprayed with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer a couple of days ago but it hasn't stopped the merry munchers. Any suggestions please?




possibly slugs. the latest news is that we are going to be inundated with them as the mild winter hasn't killed them off. they have also done well in the breeding stakes.

1 May, 2016


I'll go out tonight with a torch I think - and maybe a hammer! Thank you.

1 May, 2016


Go out with your torch, wearing a pair of those thin gloves like doctors wear (something else as well or you might frighten the neighbours!) or if you are really squeamish invest in one of those long handled pick up tools that are everywhere in the cheap shops, this glove can then be discarded as it will be slimy.
With this you need a bucket of salty water just deep enough to drop your slugs in, I keep a small (kids beach bucket size) one especially for this job. Grab your slug, drop it in the bucket and move on to the next. One warning if left too long the whole lot turns slimy, so tip them out in the morning.
It's amazing how many you can find in one trip!

2 May, 2016


Thanks Honeysuckle. Strangely enough a couple of weeks ago I bought a huge bag of surgical gloves from a charity shop. I thought they will come in useful for something - and sure enough!
Now that the trees are all in leaf the neighbours can't see me, however they are very used to my strange garden attire in the winter months.

3 May, 2016

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