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last year i bought 2 large fushia hanging baskets, loaded with buds..all the buds fell off, new ones appeared quickly..all summer they had beautiful big buds that didn't open..both plants were in dappled can i prevent this?



Hmm...if that was happening here in the desert, I would assume that the baskets weren't being watered often enough, but I don't know how that would happen in the UK. Some people mistakenly assume that plants don't need watering until they wilt, but wilting always denotes desperation on the part of the plants, and damage occurs every time it happens--often to the flower buds. The goal is to water containers before they wilt.

2 May, 2016


I think Odaatpat lives in Ontario, so don't know the weather in that zone.

2 May, 2016


i'd think more likely to lack of water too. but if they are quite shady that could be a reason too.
so up the watering they don't mind being damp.

2 May, 2016


Fuchsias should be fine in dappled shade (I successfully grew some last year in complete shade), so I too think it's probably down to lack of sufficient moisture.

2 May, 2016


Sorry, Odaatpat! WhenI answered the question, I could have sworn that the "hover information" said that you were from the UK!

3 May, 2016


thanks,Tugbrethil, Cammomile, Seaburngirl, and Rosierose..just found your replies must be that i didn't water them enough..last year we had some unbearably hot days, so the daily watering probably wasn't enough for them..i'm going to try again this summer..hopefully it won't be so uncomfortable this year...

5 May, 2016

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