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last year i bought 2 large fushia hanging baskets, loaded with buds..all the buds fell off, new ones appeared quickly..all summer they had beautiful big buds that didn't open..both plants were in dappled can i prevent this?




Bud drop can be many things

The shock of being brought home from the nursery is quite common , they should be fine this year but can be fickle at time's, have you replaced some of the old compost and refreshed with new ? , I either take cuttings or take them out the basket and replant with fresh compost, they are greedy feeders plus helps cut down on insect etc damage . with me its vine weevils .

lack of water
too much water

but regular feeding and keeping it watered will help stop "bud drop"

7 May, 2016


thanks, Gnarly ghon..i never thought of the plants being shocked because of the move, i'll be more observant of the nursery location..if they're in shade or not, etc, and try to duplicate that here at home..after getting all the responses, i do believe they were't watered was very hot last summer..

8 May, 2016

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