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By Glennt1

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I sowed a new lawn last October. IT has come on OK but it is looking quite brown in places. It cant be lacking water as we have had such a wet winter/spring. I've put some potatoe fertiliser on last week so that might help, or maybe now if the weather heats up slightly it will be better. Has anyone any thoughts how to get it to green up?




Very late to sow a lawn in October,

I am no lawn expert but sounds like a drainage problem so the soil will need spiking with a garden fork , have you cut the lawn yet and how high are the blades as in too low and you will scalp the grass which is no good always best to keep on the middle cut if you can.

Can I ask how did you prepare the soil before planting the seed ?

Also why use a potato fertilizer on a lawn why not go and buy some "grass" fertilizer ? that will green it up within 7 to 10 days.

2 May, 2016

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