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By Rosie46

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can you recommend a fertiliser that will do for roses and all other flowering plants and bushes please. Need to keep it simple!



Growmore is the one I would pick plus its in granular form so easy to sprinkle about or Blood fish and Bone if you want a traditional feed and now is the best time to feed.

Blood is fast acting source of Nitrogen and promotes leafy growth early in the season.

Fishmeal is medium acting and feeds through the season.

The bonemeal is long acting/slow at breaking down, and helps root growth for older plants.


2 May, 2016


I use chicken manure pellets. My plants seem to love the stuff - as did one dog we had! Stopped using it for a while then.

2 May, 2016


I use miracle grow soluble solution that goes in the watering can supposedly 'doubles the size and amount of plant flowers" and so far it's working :) highly reccomend it :)

2 May, 2016


Thankyou all. A few to choose from there, much obliged. ?

2 May, 2016


Osmocote is pretty good also - small beads that slowly release fertilizer over 3 months. It's also good for vegetables.

2 May, 2016


My solution would be Richard Jackson's Flower Power which is available from the QVC website. I really did have quite incredible results from it last year and have just bought some more. Strongly recommend you look at the videos and read the reviews.

2 May, 2016


I will definitely take a look. Thank you for the recommendation.

2 May, 2016


Im using Shropshire seaweed this year... You can get it on Amazon and it seems to be great for everything. You dilute it in your watering can. Smells a bit grim though - like gone off cider!

2 May, 2016


Thanks again everyone! ?

3 May, 2016

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