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By Squigle

East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I have dug up loads of Colchicum (autumn crocus), They were beginning to take over. Some I put in pots and some lost their leaves in the process. I want to pass them on and I'm not sure if the leafless bulbs will survive if planted or indeed if the potted ones will survive. They are intended for a plant sale which is for a good couse. What do you think?



worth a go .... and we are into May so the bulb would of built up , maybe wont flower this Autumn but should in 2017 , I would suggest at the plant sale buy two get one free and the free one is maybe not 100% guaranteed to grow just between us.......

I have at times accidentally pulled the foliage off and they have done fine ...


2 May, 2016


If it is a spring plant sale in the next week or two then I don't think I would have potted hem up at all, just put a few in paper pokes and advised 'plant as soon as possible'. They should all be OK. 50p to £1 per bulb, if your feeling cheeky!

2 May, 2016


Thanks Gnarly gnon and Bulbaholic. That was very helpful. Squigle.

5 May, 2016

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