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My son has moved to a house that has a Passion Flower on some trellis by the front door. It is extremely untidy & I think some pruning would do it some good. Is May a good time to prune it & how do I go about it? I've never grown Passion Flower before so have little idea. The internet doesn't really come up with much info.



Hi there. Not sure why you can't find much info...? I just did an internet search for 'pruning passion flower' with great success, and the RHS's invaluable pruning tips were right at the top of page 1.

3 May, 2016


Since it is a bit wild looking and you want to make your frontage more pleasing to look at, the time to take action is now rather than waiting for the end of the growing season. Trim it back about a third shaping as you go. Sure, you will loose some flower buds but it had to be done and next year you can prune at the appropriate time. Of course start pruning from the periphery in.

3 May, 2016


You can cut it back to 1-2 feet above ground level if you like - it'll regrow. If its the basic, hardy one, in cold winters, they get killed back to the ground, so pruning often isn't necessary, but as yours is somewhat untidy, do it now, it'll still flower, but probably later. More info in the link below

3 May, 2016


Thanks everyone for your help.

7 May, 2016


Just a quick update on this question. Last year it died back for no clear reason but this year it has come back with a "vengeance"! It has had 100s of flowers, but no fruit!

He has now got to leave the house & would like to take it with him but he can't being as it came with the house when they rented it 3 years ago. As there are no fruit & therefore no seeds, can he take some cuttings of the branches NOW?

7 Oct, 2018


There is some information under propagation in the RHS link previously provided above.

7 Oct, 2018


Thanks, once again, Bamboo! I should have looked at the RHS page earlier.

7 Oct, 2018

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