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Can somebody ID this plant for me please? It was included in a 'butterfly seed mix' I planted last year. It's the only one that came back again but looks 100x better. I've never seen it at the GCs or anywhere else. It's a magnet for all kinds of butterflies, bees & other. thanks.

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hello Bathgate. I know it's a wallflower (erysimum) but don't know the actual variety. yes, bees love 'em!

5 May, 2016


Fantastic! Thank you so much Pickle1. Have a great day!

5 May, 2016


That's a lovely colour, glad that one survived.

5 May, 2016


Thank you Honeysuckle. It's lovely in the middle of my garden against the green grass. The monarch butterflies are going to love this when they emerge from their cocoons. They are an endangered species.

5 May, 2016


It's a Siberian Wallflower - Cheiranthus allionii - one of the few flowers my dad liked.

5 May, 2016


Hey! There he is. Nice to see you back Hywel! Thanks for the information.

5 May, 2016


Your welcome.
Sorry I'm not around much these days. Things are rather difficult here at the moment and I feel very tired - can't concentrate ...
Hoping there will be an improvement soon :)

5 May, 2016


I hope so too. Get well soon buddy.

5 May, 2016


Thanks. Beryl is so disabled now and depends on me for everything. It's taking all my energy hence the tiredness. We are hoping she can get some treatment soon.

5 May, 2016


Hywel so sorry to hear this, I don't suppose there's any chance of getting some help- perhaps with the cleaning or something, just to make one less thing for you to have to cope with?

6 May, 2016


Thank you Sue. I don't think I need help with anything but I could do with a good night's sleep.
It's all in hand and I am confident things will improve soon :)

7 May, 2016

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