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What type of plant is this? I have no idea how to trim it back as its twice the size I want it to be.




It's a Phormium, either the variety Cream Delight or Yellow Wave. It won't get taller than it is, just wider - it can't be reduced in size easily, I'm afraid you have to dig it up, cut it in half and then replant one of the halves. A sharp bread knife is the best implement to cut it with...

5 May, 2016


Thank you so much. It looks like I will have to get digging!
I'm half in mind to just move it to be honest. It's grown double the size in the last two years alone.

5 May, 2016


Try to get it out without damaging too many roots - they're quite fibrous and go down a least a spade's depth and will have spread out round the visible outer foliage too. It tends to grow in 'fans' so even if you lose some, some will survive.

5 May, 2016

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