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By Julien

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Ampelopsis megalophylia , the giant pepper vine, I brought one from the bluebell nursery last Autumn whilst it was in full leaf, I kept it in the pot and kept it in the correct position throughout the winter, it was potted into the ground in early spring, I have it in the correct place and have given it the best start any plant could wish for, i have no experience in growing a pepper vine and my question is, should it have broke bud by now, the buds are very fat but as yet no leaves, I have done a bark scrape and the plant is alive and well but alas no leaves, what do you reckon? Thanks Julien



I know less than you do about this plant, never grown it, but it seems to me, if its got fat buds, its just waiting for the right time to open up and get going - and up to the last two days, it has been unseasonably cold, specially at night. Even the fuchsias here in London I didn't dare cut back till yesterday, and all of them only had tiny signs of growth just showing last week anyway, which is pretty late, I'm usually cutting them back around mid April because they're well into growth.

6 May, 2016


Hi, Ampelopsis megalophylla, as you know is fully hardy, so I agree with Bamboo, it's just waiting for the right time, I think if this weather continues, you will probably see some movement in the next week or so, Derek.

6 May, 2016


Ok thanks Bamboo and Derick, the weather is set to be good for the coming days and next week so hopefully it should break bud, I will let you know how I get on, thanks for the replys Julien.

6 May, 2016

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