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Pruning advice - timeliness question

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I'm fairly novice to gardening and live in the south east, Essex/ East London boundary. My question relates to cutting back lanky shrub and climbing roses, hardy fuchsias and a summer flowering clematis, now,(7th May), would this be problematic at this time of year?



You can do the fuchsias now - they're late this year anyway, its usual to do them in April, but most of them are only just starting to grow properly now.

Its a little late to do a climbing rose, should have been done in early March, but you still can if its overgrown - you just might not get any flowers, or get flowers much later.

As for the shrub, it depends on which shrub it is whether you should prune it now or not.

7 May, 2016


Hi Bamboo,
Thanks for your reply appreciated, the shrub referred to was a shrub rose along with the climber mentioned. I also added a reference to a summer flowering clematis which has become a straggly mess and I'd like to prune now to tidy up , it's about to flower now. Same question really.

8 May, 2016


Ah, sorry misinterpreted the shrub part - bit late to do the shrub rose, really, and you only sort of tidy those up rather than hard pruning (though it won't kill it if you do hard prune). As for the clematis, if its in flower now or about to flower, then its likely one of those with larger flowers initially, then another flush later with smaller flowers - those just get tidied up after flowering or early in the year.

8 May, 2016


With roses, my thought has always been better late than never--roses turn into thickets pretty easily.

9 May, 2016

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