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Hi could you advise us what has happened to this plant it was in the garden when we move in and this year it's looking poorly
Thank you Mrs Dubber

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It's a variety of Photinia (possibly davidii), and it's fine, maybe just needs a little judicious pruning and watering. If you're wondering about the variegated leaves - that's how they're supposed to look.

8 May, 2016


It looks like Photinia 'Pink Marble', and I agree its not looking too good. But, the weather this year has been unusually cold, specially this spring (not now, obviously, but up to a week ago) so it might just be that causing a problem, new leaves constantly caught by late frost and the like. The other problem it might have is something going on at the root - if you live somewhere its been very wet and the plant's got waterlogged or the soil isn't free draining, it might have a root rot of some sort. I can't see anything obvious on the leaves or stem (bit of lichen here and there, but that's okay), and it might be worth thoroughly inspecting all the stems and leaves, including backs of leaves, to see if there's anything lurking that shouldn't be there, or any soft or weeping areas in the woody parts.

Assuming you don't find anything, I'd cut it back by a third to a half, and give it a good feed of Growmore granules or similar, and mulch the base with well rotted compost, or composted manure (you can buy that at the garden centre). Don't let the mulch sit against the stems, but spread round the base of the plant. This gives the plant the best chance of recovery from whatever ails it - and wait and see what happens...

8 May, 2016

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