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Can I. Plant my azalea next to the house will it damage my bricks



Knowing the height and spread of whatever plant you've got would be very useful in order to answer properly, but if you're calling it an 'azalea' and not a 'rhododendron' then its likely it doesn't get too large, which means its root system is less likely to cause a problem with a wall. Bear in mind, though, that no plant should be planted closer than a minimum of one foot away from any wall or fence behind it, and preferably 18 inches away.

8 May, 2016


Azaleas & Rhododendrons have very fine & shallow surface roots. That's why they dry out quickly & the ground around them must be kept evenly moist - their roots don't go down deep for water. The good news for you is that they won't damage your brick work, but I'd still give them some space to spread - a foot or two.

8 May, 2016

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