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I use to have white lilies close to my front window but it has taken over the garden and killed my other plants. We have removed all the lilies and want to create a new border by the window . Not sure what kind of plants to put there that will not take over the border. It's a very small border and the windows are short. Any suggestions.



It's highly unlikely that any white lily would 'kill' your other plants - what's more likely is the other plants died for another reason and the white lily took advantage of the space. I don't suppose you know what the white lily was - could it have been Zantedeschia aethiopica (see link for image)

If it was, then that likely means the area is damp and possibly shady...

A photograph of the area would be useful, plus knowing its aspect - is it sunny or shady, damp or dry, very exposed or very sheltered, together with what part of the country you're in, and how big the area is (length and width).

8 May, 2016

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