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Looking for a W E Gladstone Clematis tried RHS plant finder only thorncroft do mail order ,and they don't have any if anyone know of a garden centre that has any please let me know. Thanks will check once a week



Listed with these people in Manchester, but don't think they do mail order

8 May, 2016


Your best bet is to ring your local garden centres and nurseries, I think, unless you're prepared to do some extensive travelling.

You could also call Taylors Clematis to see if they can help - they don't currently have it listed on the website, but may be able to supply it at some future point.

9 May, 2016


Thanks bamboo will try them thanks Rosierose have tried them and thorncroft it's in their catalogue but they don't have any someone somewhere must sell
This it's flower is 10 inches across I think I still have a photo with a ruler behind the flower will post when I find it pretty colour too

11 May, 2016

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