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How long will it take for this honeysuckle seedling to flower? Not sure which variety it is. Thanks.




Once planted it will take a few years to produce flowers in significant numbers and a scent heavy enough to notice. Be careful where you plant it. Once established it can get out of hand quickly.

8 May, 2016


self sown ones in my garden take about 3-4 years . how old is yours or did you buy it ready to go in the ground?

9 May, 2016


This is a self sown one, probably 2 years old. When to put in ground?

9 May, 2016


Looks like it's ready to go and is looking to grab hold of something to start its climbing. You can plant now if you wish. I trained mine to grow on top and along an old picket fence and it looks nice and smells great when in flower.

9 May, 2016


Got one from Wilkinsons, a bit smaller than yours, two years ago. Is becoming established but nowhere near flowering. How lovely to have your self-sown one.

10 May, 2016


I will put it in the ground and have seedlings all over the garden! Will pot some up for a plant fair.

10 May, 2016

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