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Is there such a thing as an all round plant feed? What I mean is, is there a plant food that suitable for all different types of plants. If there is what would any of you suggest?



Yes, I saw one labelled as such in Tesco's not half an hour ago but didn't have time to study it.

9 May, 2016


Growmore - I know they do liquid forms of it now, but I always use the granules because they feed for up to six weeks. Its the NPK and trace elements (if there are any) you need to look at - Growmore has an NPK of 7-7-7 or thereabouts, no trace elements added. Useful as a general garden fertilizer, usually applied in spring when you're turning the soil over anyway.

9 May, 2016


There are but you need to consider the plant feed as plant FOOD and ask yourself if the plants were humans would the same diet work for a rugby player as for a fashion model?

It may be a case of some food is better than no food but if you are going to the trouble of applying fertiliser then surely it is worth the extra bit of effort to use the right fertiliser. Take a look at the RHS website

9 May, 2016


You might be interested in this simple explanation of the basic principles of fertilizing plants, and the difference between fertilizer and 'food'... with an explanation of NPK, Treetop

9 May, 2016


You lot are so clever.

10 May, 2016


Not really - if my car won't start, I'm absolutely stumped...

10 May, 2016

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