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I am on the cusp of losing my beautiful Daphne. It was in a pot when we moved here in November and had flowered successfully for a few years. I decided to re pot it as it was looking a little sad and days later, a ridge tile flew off the roof and smashed the pot so I had to re pot it again. It's now looking rather desperate but the only patch of garden I can put it in is north facing with about two hours of sun from the side path of the house in the mornings and it's a bit puggy and not free draining. Any thoughts would be welcome. I am delighted to say it's doing well and sprouting at the end of each branch since I put it in the ground.




What a shame - can't you put it in another pot?

9 May, 2016


I did Stera after the roof tile episode but it's looking quite sick and some parts are dying. I think all the disturbance has done for it! I might just try and plant it in the ground and see what happens.

9 May, 2016


Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

9 May, 2016


I have mine in shade and dampish, and they are thriving. Any chance of taking a cutting and see if you can re-propagate it.

10 May, 2016


My absolute favourite shrubs! I can understand your feelings Cammomile. I have had an Odora by the back door for over 15 years and is now on its last legs I think. Yellowing leaves , big gaps in the foliage. Heartbreaking. It exudes the most fabulous scent for months and only finishes about now.
This one doesn't get a lot of sun - about 2/3 hours a day and it has thrived. I planted it in a tiny bit of soil next to a fence and did nothing else. Don't even know whether the soil is free draining.
Good luck with your treasured one.

10 May, 2016


Thank you everyone. Yours sounds just like mine looks Merlin. Such a shame, the perfume was wonderful in the winter. I think I will try to put it in the ground, as they say it's got two chances.

10 May, 2016


It's a fabulous shrub and now I have others but none will live up to this one. Yes what's to lose? If you think it is dying anyway. Fingers crossed for you and your Daphne.

10 May, 2016


Update at the top.

27 Jun, 2016

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