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By Emwah74

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Im looking for a potted plant which flowers in December, can be brought indoors, and flowers every year...It in a memorial plant so Id like it to be very pretty...its proving tricky.
any advise would be greatly appreciated



Christmas cacti flower round about then but the exact time depends on how and when they are watered. They can be put put outside in their pots in summer (but beware slugs and snails)but are best with some shade as in the wild the grow on trees like orchids and some ferns. There are many different shades of pale pink through to bright red.

9 May, 2016


Florists Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum cultivars) flower in winter and will keep going for years if looked after properly.

10 May, 2016


Yes they are lovely but IF is the operative word so mug up on them if you choose one.

10 May, 2016

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