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Hi I have a gunners manicata. I keep it in my house. How do I keep it under control? Do I cut leafs off. Thanks Tony Bond



welcome to GoY Tony.
can you post a picture please? I suspect it is Gunnera manicata in which case it is a large plant and should be outside in the ground. Where abouts are you in the world.
In the ground the leaves are removed in the spring before the new growth starts.

10 May, 2016


Agree with SBG if this is Gunnera manicata it needs to be outdoors and in the ground. Will become very large.

10 May, 2016


Hi, welcome from me too, I agree with Sbg and Mg, should be planted outside in deep, permanently moist, humus rich soil, in full sun or partial shade, and protected from cold drying winds, Gunnera manicata is borderline completely hardy, and you can protect the crown with leaves cut from the plant, Derek.

10 May, 2016

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