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Can you take cutting from Tree peony.



I haven't tried, but it's unlikely to work. You could try cutting off the top part and seeing if it roots. They have huge seeds that self-sow in my garden, so I usually have loads of seedlings to give away. Hybrid tree peonies may be sterile, though.

10 May, 2016


I'd like to know too Gardenermate as my sister gave me a large piece that had broken off hers last week and I've put it in seed and cutting compost to give it a try. She has a beauty with pink flowers which throws up a very tall stem to one side with white flowers. This is the one that broke. Fingers crossed.

10 May, 2016


Hi, welcome to GoY, you can take semi ripe cuttings of tree peonies in summer, or graft in winter, Derek.

10 May, 2016


I don't know about cuttings but they grow easily from seed.

10 May, 2016


named varieties can only be achieved via cuttings. so semi ripe wood, mid summer onwards would be the best time.

11 May, 2016

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