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Any ideas as to why the leaves on my pieris are drooping? They don't usually. Not sure what sort of pieris it is, as it was in the garden when I arrived.



How big is it? Any chance of a picture, and when did you move in? - is the plant in the ground or in a pot?

10 May, 2016


its been very dry over the last couple of weeks so it might just be due to lack of water. give it a good few bucket fulls of water and see if it does anything. unless you are in a place that has had torrential rain that is.

11 May, 2016


Thanks for comments about my pieris with drooping leaves. In answer to Bamboo, tallest flowers are about 30", maximum width about 36" I moved in April 2012, and its in the ground. Yes Seaburngirl, I think weather was probably the reason, though it hasn't been particularly dry here(Shrewsbury) until recently, but we did have a long cold spell. It s much warmer now. Will keep giving it plenty of water.
Since I posed the question, glad to say some leaves are much less droopy and there a lot of very beautiful flowers.

29 May, 2016

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