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By Lynneg

North Humberside, United Kingdom Gb

I would love some red perennial cranesbill(geraniums). I live 9 miles from the coast near Hull.Does anyone have any experience of these and are they as prolific as the blue and pink.Thanks.



I didn't know you could get red cranesbill. Where have you seen them?

12 May, 2016


Googled it and then looked at images

12 May, 2016


Googled it and then looked at images.

12 May, 2016


What's the full botanical name, including varietal name, of the one you've seen? I've just googled and I can't find a red flowered one anywhere. So far as I know, the closest to red is a deep pink, so I'd be interested to see a pic.

Unless you mean Geranium 'Purple Pillow' - the flowers are actually purplish pink rather than red, although they look red on this site (don't be fooled by it though, its a Parkers sales photo..)

and here, which shows it much closer to its real life colour

12 May, 2016


That was it Bamboo.Am grateful you posted or I could have been tempted.Looks red on my iPad.Thank you.

12 May, 2016


Yea, its meant to! And the parkers pic also looks like its got dark, purplish leaves - that'll be the filters they've used to make the flowers look red, because actually, the leaves are bluish green. If it looked like that in the flesh, I'd buy it, but it doesn't.

12 May, 2016


The Parkers example doesn't look red at all, on my monitor at least - it looks a deep purple-pink. Also, the description clearly says 'purple', so I have no idea why you would think it was red. I wish there WAS a red version (I got all excited when I saw your post!), as it would look fab in my front garden scheme!

12 May, 2016

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