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I grew some white tulips this year and they gave a lovely show. I have lifted them and have them stored to replant in autumn. However, in the past I have found that tulips don't do very well in the second year with many of the bulbs not producing flowers. Have other's had the same experience? What should I do to ensure that they flower well or should I replace them completely?



I never lift tulip bulbs personally, but it may be that you're lifting yours too early - you should wait till the foliage has died back before lifting them - while the foliage is present is when the bulb is storing food for next year, so immediately after flowering while the foliage is fresh is a good time to feed them. Also, the ones you lift will have smaller offsets - its only the large bulbs which will flower again the following year, the offsets or small bulbs won't, but can be left to grow on in the ground or in a pot instead.

3 Aug, 2010


Tulips that are planted too shallow also tend to break up into smaller offsets that are less likely to bloom. I would make sure that they are at least 15 cm down when you plant them.

3 Aug, 2010

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