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Hi I'm in Leicester UK - go the Foxes! I bought a set of stacking flower pots 5 levels with 3 pots each. What is the best plant to buy for these please? I have had only partial luck with pansies, primroses and petunias. Any help would be appreciated



The compost in the pots may be drying out to quick for the plants you mentioned. You could try geraniums(pelargonium) as they are more tolerant. See you next season from Borobabs.

13 May, 2016


What size are the pots (height and width)?

13 May, 2016


Thank you for the advice Borobabs, look out for an old lady with a Leicester scarf!
Thank you Bamboo, they are 36 x 36 x 14.5

14 May, 2016


mm, cm or feet? I'm assuming it can't be feet... but even cm seems large for stacking pots.... usually they have 3 or 5 different sizes

14 May, 2016




Sorry I forgot the question?

14 May, 2016


Are they the sort that are basically round but divided into three, and you stack them at an angle to the one below? If these are what you have you'll know what I'm trying to say. I've tried growing strawberries on a three tiered on but the success was only mediocre. You could ry stacking them in two lots, a three and a two. Perhaps you could try fibrous rooted begonias, especially if their position will be in partial shade, as they are pretty tolerant.

14 May, 2016

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