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By Lynneg

North Humberside, United Kingdom Gb

ID please. This is popping up all over Any help please.

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It has the appearance of Taragon.

14 May, 2016


Hmm...Russian Tarragon, maybe, or maybe Mugwort--the latter is quite invasive with underground stems. Does it have an astringent, slightly lemony or licorice-like scent?

15 May, 2016


Thank you .No smell at all.It seems to grow quite quickly.Might leave one and see if any flowers develop.

15 May, 2016


Not sure but I'm wondering if it's a Cosmos?

15 May, 2016


The leaves are very jagged if that's any help.Sure it grows as I look at it!

15 May, 2016


Then that would not be cosmos since the cosmos I has seen have lacey like leaves.

15 May, 2016


The foliage does look like Orange Cosmos (C. sulphureus).

15 May, 2016


It also looks very like a flower I asked an ID for a couple of years ago. The answer was Gilia Capitata. Once you have these, they pop up everywhere , every year. Bees love them.

17 May, 2016


Lovely fluffy blue flowers, too!

21 May, 2016

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