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By Ritsar

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Anyone know what this is please? It started from a twig that appeared 2 springs ago. It's never had flowers or fruit. Thanks.

20160517_064820 20160517_064910 20160517_064812



Any chance of a close-up of the foliage, bark, and branching habit, Ritsar?

15 May, 2016


Sure Tugbrethil I will post some more pics tonight. Thanks

16 May, 2016


Could it be a Lilac?

16 May, 2016


More photos added. Thanks for your help.

17 May, 2016


possibly hazel

17 May, 2016


Had a look at hazel and lilac. I definitely don't think it's hazel as I think hazel leaves are lobed. Lilac leaves look similar but they seem to grow opposite and mine are alternate. Thank you anyway. I keep coming back to some kind of cherry or plum tree???

17 May, 2016


It looks like Goat willow (salix caprea).

17 May, 2016


just checked the hazel in the lane and yes they are more ridged than this. Goat willow is a much more likely now that I have looked at it on a larger screen and flowers are catkins in the male tree [pussy willow] and small insignificant affairs in the female. So it could be you have a female one there.

18 May, 2016


It looks to me like an apple or crabapple tree, but I'll admit that I am not familiar with Goat Willow. If it is a pome of some kind, still 1-3 years away from blooming.

21 May, 2016


Thank you everyone. I have looked at the goat willow and yes the foliage does look like this but my branches appear to be growing upwards, should they start bending downwards when they grow a bit more if it's goat willow?

21 May, 2016


Hmm...if it is a goat willow, it will have broad, leaf-like stipules on the newest growth, like all willows. What I am seeing in the pictures are tiny, awl-shaped stipules, such as pomes produce.

22 May, 2016

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