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I have a raised bed around a large 7 foot wide X 18 foot tall holly. The holly is dark green and conical. I am looking to put in a row of shrubs that will be bright yellow and round shaped and evergreen around the holly. Need them to be 20 inches to 3 feet tall at maturity with a comparable width. There will be about 8 of them in a semicircle around the holly.
I was trying to find something along the line of Anna's Magic Ball Arborvitae or Butterball Dwarf Hinoki Cypress but they are too small. Golden Globe Arborvitae is too large.
Any suggestions? I live in zone 6.



Golden Euonymus (Euonymus japonicus) 'Aureo-marginatus'

I like these broad leave evergreens. They are very well behaved and only need a light trim to maintain size and shape. Grow to 6 feet.

Another favorite is Pinus Mugo 'Carsten's Winter Gold' - funny name but check this baby out. It's a beaut.

15 May, 2016


@Bathgate...Thank you for the advice. Carsten's Winter Gold looks like it might work. It is much closer to the size that I need.
I also tried to find "Sienna Sunset Globe Cedar" in the U.S.. It looks interesting as well. It is originally from Poland and has only been around about 10 years. The patent is only 6 years old. Beautiful conifer but does not seem to be available here yet.
I appreciate your response!

16 May, 2016

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