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By Erik

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi again gardeners ,while this is not a question about plants ,someone may have the answer ,does anybody know how to kill moss on roofs or on garden walls ,having tried various cures to no avail ,I am hoping one of you gardeners can come up with an answer on this subject ,



I've heard that putting a length of copper tape along the top of the roof (if you can get there safely) is very effective.

16 May, 2016


any moss killer will turn it black then you have to rake it off. just rake it off alive and dispose of. same for walls really. moss is a sign that the area is damp/shady or both. solve that problem and then the moss wont take hold! its a problem we have with the garage but I like it and OH just has to put up with it.

17 May, 2016


Thanks a lot for you answers gona give them a try !!!!

17 May, 2016


Copper tape does work - its usually affixed just below the ridge tiles on apex roofs, so that when it rains, a small amount of copper is washed over the roof, which stops the moss growing. You could try a strip at the top of a wall, but it might not be that effective on a flat vertical surface.

17 May, 2016

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