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how do you grow new carnations from cuttings?



find sections of shoots with out flowers and 'tear' them down off the stem. this will leave a little 'heel' which if it is longer than 1cm trim it short.
at this point you can do one of 2 things
either put them into a jar of water and wait until roots develop or carefully pull the lower leaves off until you have about 6 leaves left. dip the heel in rooting powder [optional I never bother] and place around the sides of a pot filled with compost. firm in well. water and cover with a poly bag[also optional] and keep in a warm bright area. roots should form within 2-4 weeks.

welcome to GOY too

18 May, 2016


Well answered Seaburn girl. I have grown them successfully in water but didn't know how to explan the second option.

19 May, 2016


thanks cammomile, I don't tend to succeed with the water method.

20 May, 2016

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