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How do we get rid slugs or whatever is devouring any leafy plants, especially cabbage, some flowers etc?
We tried organic pellets but does not seem to stop them?



Try going out at night and hand picking them off or make a beer trap as follows: bury a few plastic containers or jars flush with the soil level and fill them half full with beer.

21 May, 2016


Actually lemonade is better than beer - they prefer sweet stuff. Keep the beer for the gardener :-)

21 May, 2016


Well experiment....bury two jars, one with lemonade and one with beer. The next day see which jar is filled with slugs and which is not....then....confine yourself to drinking that beverage the slugs rejected for the rest of your time, which will mean either becoming a diabetic or an alcoholic gardener.:(

21 May, 2016


No beverages necessary. Just lay down a rolled up newspaper or short board in the evening. Before dawn, the snails and slugs will seek out shelter from daylight, and crawl under the paper. When you get up, just lift up the "shelter", and scoop them up and dispose of them--maybe by feeding them to the birds! Repeated often enough, this will cut into the local population, and reduce damage considerably.

22 May, 2016


We use Nemasys slug control. Totally natural, so good for the veg bed.

22 May, 2016


Hi, welcome to GoY, if the pellets are not working, it sounds as though it could be caterpillars, especially if they're attacking the brassica's, have you seen any white butterflies about ? if so these will be the cabbage white, try using an insecticide, either instead of the pellets, or as well as, and see what happens, Derek.

22 May, 2016

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