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I've got a 12' by 8' area that is stuffed with spring bulbs that is stunning. Once I have cleared away all the foliage I am left with 6 rose bushes the rest of the year. What could I permanently Underplant the roses with for summer interest?



Hi Tudorcottage and welcome to GoY. I trust you are letting the foliage die back naturally before removing as this will help to feed the bulb so that you have a good show again next year. The bulbs will grow up through anything you plant so choose things you like that don't flower until after the bulbs have died back.

22 May, 2016


Whatever you like, really, depending on the style of your garden and personal preference.

Herbaceous Geraniums, for example, would be great, as they don't start to appear until the spring bulbs' foliage begins to die down.

If you want something for year-round interest, then the evergreen ground cover Pachysandra might appeal. I've just planted these under my Rugosa roses, and they have the added bonus of white flowers in May / June.

22 May, 2016


I was going to say hardy geraniums too! Low maintenance and will just cover the ground around your roses and give you lovely flowers all summer if you choose carefully!

22 May, 2016


Snap,so was I! A few are evergreen so check before buying.

22 May, 2016

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