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Can some one help me out Iv grown alliums in a pot. They have grown up about 30 cm and have a flower head on then, a few days later the stem it's folded in half.
Where am I going wrong




Oh....what a shame. Do you have a Labrador by any chance? ;) If not, then I can only think it could be lack of water or wind damage. Hope someone else has a better idea.

22 May, 2016


I would agree with Karen that it may be lack of water getting to the heads to keep them upright. Perhaps one of those long metal rods with a ring on the top could help to support them. Or this type of thing - I am sure you can get them in smaller quantities!

22 May, 2016


Thank you Iv moved then to the back garden where it's slightly more shaded. I thought I might get them in a bigger pot too. Thanks for your answers

22 May, 2016


is the stem chewed through if yes then its likely to be slug damage.

22 May, 2016


Slugs/snails have this nasty habit of just removing the outermost layer of skin on the stems and then the stem keels over.

22 May, 2016

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