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By Bekhrad

what is the name of this Shrub?




I am guessing one of the flowering Japanese quinces, CHAENOMELES species or hybrids.

22 May, 2016


I thought it was Daphne odora but never having grown it I might be up the creek.

22 May, 2016


I thought Daphne Odora too. If it has a beautiful scent then that's likely what it is.

23 May, 2016


I counted the petals (5) and guessed Rosaceae. The flowers are more like cherry or peach blossom but the leaves are glossy. Another possibility is Yedda Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis umbellata), closely related to Japanese Quince.

There are so many varieties and species of quince and hawthorn, and related plants, that I can't find the actual variety.

Daphne is Thymelaeaceae, four petal.

23 May, 2016


You can tell who's the botanist around here...

23 May, 2016


My Daphne Odora has just about finished flowering now. Just a thought.

23 May, 2016

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