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Early this year I bought a Clematis Viennetta, very pretty and similar to a Sieboldii but supposed to be hardier. I planted it on an east facing fence as it was supposed to grow on any aspect. Mine began to grow very well and reached almost to the top of the six foot fence, but a week or two ago the lower leaves began to droop and I suspected wilt. The top is still very fresh and has several buds but now much of the lower greenery seems to have gone. Am I right in my diagnosis? I did plant it deeply as we should do with clems.

I have now discovered that this clematis was wrongly labelled and is, in fact, Oberon which I already have. Talk about disappointed! I wish I could remember which online company I bought it from but I can't so took a guess that it was Taylors. Since I can't find any details of my order and in the hope that I'm right I have emailed them. They're bound to be able to check their records. However, they're busy with Chelsea and can't respond till end May.



Wilt does not start at the bottom of a stem, it starts at the top and works its way down, often quite rapidly. So if only the lower leaves were 'wilting', there will have been some other cause - damage, drought, whatever - if you only planted it this year, likely water shortage might be the cause.

23 May, 2016


Ah, thanks, Bamboo. I have another on the opposite fence that is looking much the same way and we have had some very dry spells. Plus I've got clay soil which is better than it was when we moved here but still needs a lot doing to it.

23 May, 2016

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