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Suffolk/Norfolk border, United Kingdom Gb

Hi folks, I have a fuchsia in my garden which is mature and beautiful. However, it is somewhat swamped by a couple of riccartoniis. A large pot has now become available and I wonder if I could transfer it from garden to pot. If so, would now be any good or must I wait for it's dormant period in the autumn/winter. I would prefer to do it now if I could get away with it! Look forward to some advice. Thanks.



I would have said risk it, but as you say its already beautiful it sounds as though its well into its growth so might be better to wait for autumn. You could cut back the riccartonis on each side of it so it isn't overhung and crowded - they will bounce back next year. It would be much better in the ground though as in a pot it will be more susceptible to frost damage and would need the pot well wrapping or sinking into the ground. What variety is it?

23 May, 2016


Take cuttings grow them on in pots and you can do what you want with the old plant.

27 May, 2016


riccartoni fuchsia can be cut back to ground level and will come away well. Its best done early in the year but I tend to cut back any branch which impedes progress on the path passing it regardless of the time of year. I think Steragram is right when she says hardy fuchsias are better grown in the soil.

3 Jun, 2016

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