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my privet hedge is dying at the rate of about 1m per year. Looks sickly in year 1 and dead in year 2. 1m further on the hedge looks super!!. Can't see any signs of honey fungus
it's a 40m hedge and 10m dead over last 5 years or so
any ideas???



It could be the Privet Rust Mite - eriophyid mites

Best to Google I know its on the increase


24 May, 2016


scrape a bit of bark off, is there a white layer that smells of mushrooms? if yes then the hedge does have honey fungus. you may not get toadstools for years.
if this is the case then move along the hedge checking for this fungal mycelium. when you get to a spot without it go along another metre and remove that bit of the hedge and all the others that showed the fungal growth.
burn the material or take it to the tip and ask which skip to put it in.

check the RHS website for HF resistant hedging and then replant. I used blackthorn, hawthorn and briar rose.

welcome to GOY too :o)

24 May, 2016


Many thanks to both of you that took the time to pist answers. first foray into online help!!

26 May, 2016

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